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Melbourne Cool Room designs end-to-end solutions for businesses who need reliable temperature-controlled environments for their operations.

We only use the highest quality components and insulation materials in our products, and our technicians are highly-skilled engineers.

Our specialist advice ensures you receive the perfectly matched cool room or refrigeration unit for your needs at the best possible price, and can also take advantage of long-term savings on running costs and repairs.

Our fully qualified engineers are more than happy to advise on size, layout and brand to suit your needs and budget.

What makes the perfect cool room?

When designing a cold room, it is important to obtain specialist advice from a company you can trust, one with experience in what you are seeking to achieve.Melbourne Cool room engineers constantly advise our clients on:

  • Cost: The most cost-effective solution for your needs, together with the best brands.
  • Location:The cold room should be installed in a cool place within a secure building at a safe site, with the minimum risk of flooding or exposure to extreme weather conditions.
  • Insulated panel types:The cold room should be constructed from 100-200mm thick Pre-fabricated Styrofoam panels. The greater the thickness of the panels, the lower the long-term running costs.
  • Cold-room and freezer door heating:We provide information about cold room and  freezer room doors heaters. All rooms require  door frame heaters to prevent ice from forming around the door mechanism, and potentially causing the door to jam and lock.
  • Defrosting of cold-room:We recommend ‘Defrost on Demand’ systems and advise clients on the best products and how the right choice can cut the energy costs.
  • Floor Design: Our engineers design the ultimate floor layout to incorporate the best floor heating methods. We can even supply the cable with layout plan, or complete the installation. We also recommend and install back-up systems as part of a redundancy plan and added peace of mind.
  • Readily available spare parts. Before installing any product, we make sure that customers have access to readily available spare parts in order to avoid lengthy and costly disruptions to their business should equipment fail. The availability of spare components in vital to business continuity.

We provide also provide Cool Rooms For Hire and Portable Cool Room.

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