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Melbourne Cool rooms & Commercial Refrigeration Engineers Designs Modular/Custom Cool Rooms, Industrial Freezer Rooms for Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Fast Food Retails, Hospitals, Food Manufacturers, Bars, Pubs and Clubs in cost-effective Cool Room for your business

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Melbourne Cool room and refrigeration designs a whole procedure of decreasing the temperature and keeping it in a given area for the motive of chilling ingredients, maintaining certain materials. The reason for the calculation of cooling load is important selecting system components consisting of a compressor, condenser and so forth. Effectively and economically designing a cold room it is vital to achieving specialist advice from Melbourne cool room engineers.

Our Engineers however our patron must recognize the basic ideas so that it will guide the layout. With the bottom fee and, at the identical time, being able to fulfill the requirements availability of spare components in the unlucky event wherein the gadget breaks down, it needs to be serviced inside the shortest time feasible so the disruption of the flow of operation will be minimized. Place of the cold room in a groovy location inside a secure building at a secure site, with minimum risk of flooding or different herbal screw ups. if possible, find the cold room in order that it's far accessed directly from a drying room. This can mean that only pre-dried air can enter, and will lessen the construct-up of ice within the bloodless room. The bloodless room needs to be produced from a hundred-200mm thick pre-fabricated Styrofoam panels. The greater the thickness of the panels, the extra the initial fee of the structure, however the decrease the lengthy-time period strolling prices.

Aspects that make these rooms perfect:

Designing a cold room it is important to obtain specialist advice from Melbourne Cool room engineers however, our customer should understand the basic principles in order to guide the design

Cool Rooms
  • Cost: The lowest cost and concurrently being able to consummate the requirements. The availability of spare components in the hapless event where the machine breaks down, it has to be serviced in the shortest time possible, so the disruption of the flow of operation will be minimized.
  • Location: The cold room in a cool place within a secure building at a safe site, with minimum risk of flooding or other natural disasters. If possible, locate the cold room so that it is accessed directly from a drying room. This will mean that only pre-dried air can enter, and will reduce the build-up of ice in the cold room.
  • Insulation panel types: The cold room should be constructed from 100-200mm thick Pre-fabricated Styrofoam panels. The greater the thickness of the panels, the greater the initial cost of the structure, but the lower the long-term running costs.
  • Cold-room and freezer door heating: All cold room freezer room, it is necessary to have the door frame heaters installed and turned on constantly as the costs of maintenance. Door frame heaters are necessary as it prevents ice from forming around the door mechanism, and potentially causing the door to jam and lock up during attempts at opening them. Because of this, are such that the door frame heaters are twenty-four hours operation.
  • Defrosting of cold-room: The best system is found in designing cold rooms is “Defrost on Demand” and this will be enabled to cut the energy costs. The basis of this function is to reduce the number of defrosts scheduled and defrosting will only carry out when the need arises such as when the air blower is blocked by ice.
  • Floor Design: Our engineers use the best floor heating method of prevention requires heating cables run at around 400 – 600 mm spacing. We can design the layout and either supply the cable with layout plan, or complete the installation. Also as backups, dual circuits with one cable not connected are usually employed. The cable loading is very low preventing any form of cable deterioration however, most clients request dual circuits for the added peace of mind.
  • We provide Facility for Hiring Cool Room, Portable Cool Room.

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